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Your one stop website for all your IT needs!

We specialize in a wide range of IT solutions as well as consulting services. Our main areas of expertise are:

We develop desktop applications using the latest technologies. Nearly all of our applications fill a gap in the corresponding field (e.g. education). They are original and free of charge. You can also request new features. We also provide web services and consultancy. With web services, you do not need to install anything on your computer. Instead, you can use our web services for free. However, they might not support all the features in the desktop applications. If you have a special need, you can contact our consultancy team who will assess your need and provide you with a solution.

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We develop standalone (Win Forms) applications as well as Web Applications using the latest technologies providing superb ....

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Our expert staff can help you with all your questions, doubts, upgrades and new technologies.

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One of our values/mission is to keep up with the latest advances in research as IT-related disciplines concern (eg, Artificial Intelligence, e-Learning, Linguistics, and so on). Thus, we participate and collaborate with top notch universities in developing applications which ...

Who uses our products?

Our products are used by end-users, developers, companies, universities as well as research centres around the world. Successfull cases will soon be available on this website!


Oct 01, 2009
WinPKI has just been released. This application allows you to manage a Public Key Infraestructure (PKI) implementation with just a few clicks. It's fully customizable (ie, country templates), user-friendly and ...

Sep 21, 2009
Our MinGW/MSYS packaged version includes the most commonly used libraries (latest versions as Sep/2009) saving time and effort to developers. It's been optimized and tested under Windows XP. Some of the libraries it includes are: regex, pthreads, readline, iconv, libtool, texinfo, gettext, cURL, zlib and many, many more ...

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