Research Section

In the Education arena, we have developed an innovative application as part of a research project involving Learning Objects, Metadata, Content Packaging, Learning Designs, and so on. This application was presented in an international conference in 2007.- We have been exposed to the following technologies shown on the figure bellow We have collaborated with MIT in an attempt to create IMS-CP compliant courses using their OCW website. We successfully downloaded, processed and 'packaged' all OCW MIT courses, which are freely available to anyone. You can ask for a DVD to be sent to you (~ 4Gb).

We have experience in installing, setting up and trouble shooting most of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as: WebCT, Sakai/Melete, etc. In our Downloads section, you can have access to the setup application which will allow you to choose the application you want to install. We are currently working on a Metadata Extractor and a Learning Design application. They will be freely available soon!

Note: We value your feedback a lot. Please, report any problems, issues, improvements, feature request, etc, to the following email address: