Security Section

We have successfully built plenty of applications under MinGW/MSYS environment. Some of them are shown on the figure bellow.

These applications (eg, OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, SASL, OpenSC, etc) have been built using the default configurations. You are welcome to request a different/specific configuration which suits your needs.

In our Downloads section, you can have access to the setup application which will allow you to choose the application you want to install.

More screenshots - (It opens in a new window)

If you are a developer, you might consider downloading the 'development' setup application, which contains all the 'include' and 'library' files for both MinGW (.a) and Windows (.dll, .def, .lib) environments.

Note: We value your feedback a lot. Please, report any problems, issues, improvements, etc, to the following email address: